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Accelerate Your Content

Nexify is the global leader in content personalization tools and solutions for all applications: desktop, mobile, e-commerce and enterprise. At Nexify, everything we do is personal.

Digital Media. Evolved.

Nexify is building tools to help companies retain and engage their users.

Our comprehensive portfolio of content personalization and semantic technologies is powered by 15 issued patents and supported by an extensive network of sister companies – all dedicated to the greater proposition that personalization is the undisputed future of commercial content in the digital 21st century.


Newstogram delivers contextual related content and links and is currently used by more than 20 major media companies and maintains more than 35 million dynamic interest profiles and currently collects more than 4 million new data points per day.


DailyMe is changing the way news is read and delivered with its advanced personalized news experience that meets the needs of modern–day consumers by combining the best of journalism, technology, and community.

Proven technology built on data-driven principles
Used by over 20 major media outlets
Over 4 million new content data points collected daily
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Contact us to find out how you can leverage the technology behind DailyMe and Newstogram to deliver relevant, context-aware content to your users.